About the Brand

    Madyha Farooqui  
     About the Designer

Madyha Farooqui was raised in New York City, while traveling the world as the daughter of a U.N. diplomat. Summers were filled with exhilarating continent hopping to locations such as London, Paris, Rome, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Delhi, Lahore, Singapore, Tokyo, Cairo and Khartoum.

Having spent a lifetime inheriting and collecting jewelry, textiles and art from all over the globe, Madyha knew she would work in the fashion industry even before she knew what it was called.

After completing a Bachelor of Science at Smith College and an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at Parson’s School of Design, Madyha joined the fashion department of Cosmopolitan Magazine, where for five years she covered designer markets, editing and styling trend pages and fashion shoots.

Departing many years later to begin her own consultancy, she merged her skills as a fashion editor, stylist, and designer with her exposure to international design and manufacturing to work on design, development and sourcing for others. As the head of her own consultancy, she continues to work on special projects in design and branding for many noted emerging fashion brands, private equity firms and investors.

Madyha's jewelry line had remained exclusive to private clients until, while consulting for a major luxury retailer, a show of her curation of jewels was held and the entire season's worth of a collection sold out in just ten days. Due to the enthusiastic reception of private clients since then, Madyha expanded and officially launched her fine jewelry collection in 2013 while continuing to work with private clients and exclusive international fashion boutiques.

Today, Madyha Farooqui Jewelry is in the forefront of strong emerging designer jewelry brands. Her collection has in a short time been featured in international publications and gift guides such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE, FT London How To Spend It, Marie Claire, Elite Traveler, Forbes & more.

About the Jewelry

Madyha Farooqui designs are notable for their daring combinations of color and texture, merging modern attitude with an updated traditional aesthetic.

Her boldest pieces feature gemstones such as her signature malachite, lapis, opals, aquamarines, rubies and emeralds, as well as fossils and geodes set alongside more delicate glimmering diamonds. In addition to spectacular and indulgent pieces, the collection includes uniquely set diamond pavé and casually elegant gemstone pieces that work as beautifully with cocktail looks as with everyday fashion.

Every piece of jewelry is designed by Madyha and handmade by her craftsmen in New York City, Hong Kong & Jaipur - many of whom are fourth-generation jewelry makers.

Striking and timelessly glamorous, these jewels broadcast personal style and will be treasured heirlooms many years from now.